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Our Social Responsibility Statement


We, the founders of Systenomics, believe the primary social responsibility of a business is to promote and foster financial stability and growth for everyone involved with our products. This includes, our customers, employees, investors, founders and community members in general.

We do this by profiting from good works, in our case, good mobileware products, and driving those profits into the community at large. Those wages and profits are used to, buy from local merchants, invest in meaningful endeavors and pay to support governance at all levels.

To us that represents the ultimate “Social Responsibility”. In short, profitable and stable businesses are good for every community.

As we’ve grown as a team our mission has become more defined. This is our vision of the impact we are striving to make on all communities we touch...


Our Social and Environmental goals are:

  1. To profit from good works and channel those profits to the community at large.

  2. To create products that are of real value to the community.

  3. To incorporate in our products solutions that intrinsically improves environmental activity of their users.

  4. To create a climate where gender, ethnicity and matters of personal choice are NOT a factor in our hiring practices or any other business activities.


Here are examples of that statement in action:

Community Benefits- We originally began developing software to run our own businesses more efficiently. As their impact became so dramatic to our productivity and bottom-line we knew the correct path was to share them with other people in the business community. APT- Automated Productivity Tools is an excellent example, it streamlines processes, improves efficiencies and is offered at such a reasonable price that full returns on investment occur in the first month of adoption.

Environmental Impact- TinRoof, the iphone app that keeps the community local is designed to help you quickly identify the closest locally own business that has what you are looking for. If that reduces oil consumption or CO2 emissions great, we're all for that!

Philanthropic Architecture- Part of our commitment to overall community health is illustrated in a unique component of TinRoof’s core functionality called Maven. When a new user opens a free TinRoof account they can use Maven to automatically direct 5% of our gross revenue, associated to them and their referred friend’s purchasing activity, to the charity of their choosing. Or, that revenue can be directed back to the originating member. It’s sort of a pay-it-forward way of acknowledging that we grow because our users know a good thing when they see it and they like to share those things with their friends, colleagues and family.